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Exceptional portable ultrasound from your smart device.

App-Based Mobile Ultrasound

The Lumify app and transducers work with both iOS and Android platforms enabling you to chose the technology that works best for your organization.

Ultrasound That's Ready When You Are

With Lumify, from Philips, high-quality portable ultrasound is available almost anywhere. Just download the Lumify app, plug in the transducer, and you're set. Meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it's needed.

Evaluate Hemodynamic Flow with Quantification

Lumify's Pulse Wave Doppler tool enables you to assess hemodynamic flow and quantify in any application with all transducers.

Lumify Transducers

Lumify transducers are broadband USB-C transducers with replaceable cables. While each transducer has characteristics specific to its applications, all transducers feature 2D, color Doppler, M-mode and multivariate harmonic imaging.

S4-1 Phased Array

4 to 1 MHz

operating frequency range

L12-4 Linear Array

12 to 4 MHz

operating frequency range

C5-2 Curved Array

5 to 2 MHz

operating frequency range

Lumify Clinical Applications

Acute Care & Emergency Medicine
Office-Based Practice
Rugged Android Turnkey Solution Available

With Lumify, you can use your own device and simply download the app and connect a transducer, or you can purchase an Android turnkey solution. This rugged system contains all you need to take Lumify where you need it.

  • IP67 dust & water rating

  • Rugged tablet case

  • Rugged carrying case

  • Transducers & cables

  • Charging cables & gel

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